Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I want this to be in my entry way.  "To live content with small means".

Lots was spent this weekend in the city by the bay.  I don't really have much to show for it except for some good memories, which are most important of course.  What I didn't spend on clothes and trinkets I did spend on a decent hotel room, food, and my fact finding mission at some of the city's hip little watering holes.  My one regret for the weekend:  I wish I could of been a little more frugal... and not getting to eat at SPQR.  OK.  Two regrets.  However, had we eaten there, I would probably feeling even more regretful about not living so frugally.  Some of the things, not all of the things I wanted to do took cash, but yes.  Money was spent.  Money is hard to come by these days and not just for me.  The amount of people living on the street proves it.  We got hit up for change... everywhere.  It was hard not to have to think about it and not have it move me or affect me in some way leaving me to question, what's my role?  Food for thought.

Wanna see pictures?

I was all about the quintessential San Francisco experiences:  We had Dim Sum.  Just a general note: ALWAYS make sure it's cooked.  That's all I'll say about that.

We went to City Lights Books.

We went Bohemian and visited Vesuvio.  

We visited a modern day speakeasy.  Part of my fact finding mission.  Coming soon to my drink repertoire:  tinctures and bitters.  I was so inspired.  I also got the chance to visit 15 Romolo.  If I lived in the city, THAT would be my spot. 

I had Banh Mi at midnight... because the city has EVERYTHING at midnight!

We took a guided tour of the bay on a boat.  Thanks Groupon!

We had oysters and Bloody Marys at Fisherman's Wharf.

I introduced someone to The Buena Vista who had never been there before. 

We saw how chocolate was made at Ghirardelli Square.

We took taxis and hoofed it everywhere. 

We had dinner and listened to music while dining at Yoshis

And, I got to see the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square.  It's all hills!  

 I was busy.  Nevertheless, it was a good time and I experienced all that makes up San Francisco. But I know there's so much more to see.  I love that city.    Next time, I take my girl.  

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Jennifer said...

I love all your pictures! Glad you had fun! Life is too short not to spend some money and make some memories :)

Miss you!